The company CMR is, it, based in the center of London. Created in November 2002 by Jim Fowler, Olly TAGG, and Mark Harrison, it houses several structures dedicated to the recycling of which the Internet site year economic context morose, the results of CMR/Fonebank are spectacular:
the turnover estimates of RMC Group for the year 2009 is 8.5 million euros. During the first 9 months of the year 2009, RMC has recycled 1.2 million mobile phones (approximately 50 000 per month) and has paid EUR 8.5 million to individuals or businesses.In 2008, RMC has launched the site (Spain), qui aussi meets a strong success.

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Using a simple and user-friendly interface, buys more than 700 different models of mobile phone whose prices range from 2 to 260€.The user fills its “portfolio” (gold basket) with notebooks which he wants to get rid; it creates an account valid and its transaction. He has to do is to send his parcel TB Fonebank by simple letter or recommended according to the value of the shipment. Once received by Fonebank, the device is tested: The operator then verified that the phone consists in the Bulletin of sending (model, the state of operation). If the control is correct The user then receives a check for the value of its “portfolio” under eight days.Résultat de recherche d'images pour 'Fonebank promo code'